Worship Times

Worship: 8:30am & 10:30am
Christian Education: 9:20am
Offsite @ Kyrie: 5pm
Worship: 7:07pm (September-May)


Trinity Lutheran Church is planted in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District

We are located at 3621 Tulsa Way at the corner of Montgomery Street and Camp Bowie (across from McDonalds). Tulsa Way intersects Montgomery Street just one block south of Camp Bowie Blvd., approximately one mile north of West Freeway (or I-30) about 1 mile west of Downtown Fort Worth.
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Daily Devotional

January 4th Conversation Returns to the T&P


On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month we started last fall gathering for conversation around Rob Bell's book "Love Wins."  From those conversations we began to have a small group that gathered for conversation around a variety of topics and share some Christian fellowship.

We meet at the T&P Tavern (www.tptavern.com) on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.  We will do this for January and February of 2011 before taking a break for the Lenten Season.

Hope that you might join us again or join us for the first time. 

Our first meeting is tomorrow (Jan. 4th) at the T&P at 7:30pm.  The topic is below with some starter questions…

See you tomorrow night!

This week we will celebrate the Epiphany on Sunday. This festival is the celebration of the incarnation of Jesus, revealed to the nations in the persons of the Magi (Wise Men). So, for conversation...

1) Have you ever had an experience where something was revealed to you (good or bad), what was that like?

2) Does it make a difference if a revelation (an Epiphany) happens quickly or slowly? Does that help you to process it?
3) Why do you think the author of Matthew includes these "Wise men from the East?" when none of our other gospel writers do?
4) How does this Epiphany inform our mission to Make Christ Known?